Your Trees Are Assets

Protect your investment

Trees help frame your home and provide curb appeal. They add value when properly cared for, and can reduce heating and cooling costs as well.

According to, “landscaping can add approximately 10 to 20% more value to a property – especially landscaping that incorporates mature trees.”

Do NOT “top” your trees!

STOP topping trees!The practice of topping trees is bad for their well-being. Topping trees makes your trees weaker and more prone to failure. It introduces rot, bugs, and disease.

Topping trees will not work to keep trees small. After a deciduous tree is topped, its growth rate increases, growing back rapidly to replace its missing leaf area. It needs its leaves in order to produce food for the trunk and root system. The exception is if the tree is damaged so severely by topping that it begins to die.

Topping creates a hazardous tree in four ways:

  1. It rots.
  2. It starves.
  3. The limbs become weak.
  4. Increased wind resistance, making the tree more likely to catch wind and blow down in a storm.

Top Tree Service LLC is well-versed in proper pruning techniques for all different types of trees. Allow Ryan and Luke to guide you, allowing for an educated decision based on your desire for the tree and it’s health.