Tree Maintenance For Beginners – October 2018: Part 5

Top Tree LLC can help you manage any tree hazards you have on your property. We are some of the best arborists in the Tri-Cities and can either give you advice on how to manage your trees or perform any preventative maintenance you need.

For arborists, the issues related to tree health and safety are the major concerns regarding ivy. Ivy can reduce tree stability and lead to failure for a number of reasons. Structural or flare roots are one of the most critical areas of a tree to inspect. If this area is obscured by ivy, no arborist can conduct a proper risk assessment of the tree, and critical information about tree stability cannot be determined. In addition, ivy adds considerable weight and wind resistance in a tree canopy.

Since ivy is evergreen, the added weight of rain, snow, or ice will accumulate on ivy-covered trees in winter. Mitigation: The best scenario for trees and the native environment is to eradicate ivy from the landscape. This can be achieved through hand removal, judicious use of herbicides, or ideally a combination of the two. If complete removal is not desired from an aesthetic or budget perspective, there are a few practices that can limit the negative impact of ivy on trees and the environment.

First, remove ivy from tree trunks, and pull ivy back at least 3 feet from the base of any tree. This will mitigate the weight, moisture, and wind resistance issues associated with ivy, and will leave the structural roots visible for inspection. In addition to tree trunks, whenever possible ivy should be prevented from climbing on any vertical surfaces such as walls or fences. Ivy only produces seed when it is growing vertically, so a well-maintained groundcover of ivy is far less likely to provide seed for an invasion of natural areas than ivy that is climbing up walls or trees.

Properly managed ivy may add aesthetic value to a landscape, however all too often this invasive weed is left to run amok, damaging ecosystems and leading to structural instability and unknown risk in large trees.

We look forward to helping you with all of your tree removal and tree trimming needs. When and if you have any questions about your trees, shrubs, or any other greenery on your property, we can help. We strive to be your only and best option for tree trimmers in West Richland.

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