Tree Maintenance For Beginners – October 2018: Part 3

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Keeping Drought in Mind
Areas of Washington could see drought conditions from time to time, and many trees and shrubs are paying the price. Early effects of drought include wilting or discoloration of foliage, shedding of leaves or needles, and reduction in growth. As drought stress continues, plants become more susceptible to disease and insect issues to which they would normally be resistant.

Pests like beetles and fungi are often only found attacking stressed trees, and are being found more and more frequently affecting Washington landscapes. Irrigating plants is the first approach, though not for Washington who are asked to cut back on water usage.

Mulching the root zone with fresh wood chips will help to retain irrigation or natural moisture in the soil, and it will help to regulate extreme soil temperatures, which is an additional tree stress that often goes hand in hand with drought. In addition, there are a few more advanced options that may become necessary as the drought continues:

Wetting Agents: One heavy watering with a wetting agent will allow future irrigation events to be more effective in moistening the root zone.

Plant growth regulators: Treated plants will have slightly smaller leaves, thicker leaves and thicker wax cuticles, hairier leaves, and more energy going to root growth.

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