January 2019: Spring Checklist Part 1 – Inspection

Step One: Inspection
Look for critical risk trees. Do you have trees on your property that look like they’re about to fall over? Do you have trees on you property that have wind damage problems? The wind in the Tri-Cities can wreak havoc on our trees. As Spring time gets near, the wind will blow a little harder.

Step Two: Identify Specific Issues
Inclement weather isn’t the only thing that can ruin the health of your trees. Diseases and bug infestations can wipe out entire swaths of trees. The emerald ash borer , for example, rampant in 21 states, is attacking thousands of ash trees across the U.S.

These sparkly green bugs, approximately an inch long, emerge from ash trees in the spring. D-shaped holes or shallow S-shaped trails under the bark are telltale signs that EAB has made your tree its home. If signs of an invasive infestation are present, take note and notify a professionally trained, certified arborist immediately. Our professionally trained arborists will acknowledge hazards, explain potential concerns and may find something you missed while inspecting your trees.

Step Three Schedule a Check Up

Do you see something that causes concern? When in doubt, schedule a free consultation. Hire us to provide the best care for your trees. We will acknowledge current hazards, explain potential concerns and may find something you missed.Remember, saving trees can be done quickly and will save money in the long run. In most cases, treating trees is far less expensive than removing and replacing them.

In Conclusion
Here at Top Tree LLC, we strive to be the best at what we do. In order to do that, we ensure that our practices are consistent with optimal tree care, our arborists are properly trained, and our customer service is top notch. If you are searching for a superior tree service company in Kennewick, we would like to earn your business.