Maintenance Tips: Part 3 – Pruning Your Trees – November 2018

Top Tree LLC is looking forward to being your best and only choice when looking for your tree care professional.  We have the experience and knowledge to make sure the job gets done right.

When researching how much to prune a tree, as little as possible is often the best rule of thumb. Pruning place stress on a tree and increase its vulnerability to disease. Never should you prune more than 25% of the crown and ensure that living branches compose at least 66% of the height of the tree.

By pruning too much, you can fatally damage your tree. In some cases, storm damage, height reduction to avoid crowding utility lines or even raising the crown to meet municipal bylaws, your choices are made for you. But even in these instances, prune as little as you can get away with.

If you’ve decided to do the pruning yourself, here is some advice on knowledge and tools. Advice regarding tools is pretty simple. Buy the best tools you can afford and keep them in good condition. Lately, a number of new and innovative tools have come on the market that are extremely useful to a homeowner.

  • Rope Saws – A new and safe way to cut high tree limbs – pull the ropes to prune while standing on the ground.
  • Pole Pruner & Lopper – A versatile pole pruner that can be attached to any standard-thread extension pole. Includes 14-inch pruning saw blade and 1-inch lopper.
  • Folding Pruner – A versatile, folding pruning saw that can be attached to any universal extension pole for long reach. Lightweight and robust.
  • Portable Buck Saws – Extremely lightweight and collapsible. Perfect for the homeowner, gardener, and camper.

After each tree you prune, remember to disinfect your pruning tools in a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water followed by cleaning with soapy water and then drying. Tree diseases are easily spread by infected tools. Finally, if you’re not skilled in the use of tools like chainsaws or if the pruning job is more than you’re capable of managing, hire an expert. Safety first.

If you have multiple trees to remove or just don’t have the time to do it, we are here for you. We can tackle all of your tree removal needs and tree maintenance in the West Richland. We look forward to being your preferred tree removal service provider.